Take Time to Pray

Yesterday as I was driving home from the gym I came across this sermon that was broadcasted by Focus on the Family. Recently, my husband and I have committed to fasting our evenings of television and movies and have decided to put prayer first. We can get so distracted with our daily lives and the busyness and with the stresses of a blended family  – so much so that all we want to do after dinner is put a feel good movie on and zone out. And while there isn’t anything wrong with a movie every now and then, we began to notice  that we weren’t spending many moments actively seeking the Lord together. Keeping Christ the center of any marriage is crucial – whether it is a first time marriage or a re-marriage with kids. I encourage a you to listen to this podcast from Focus on the Family titled “25 Years and Still in Love Part 2“. And if you’re not already doing so, I encourage you to actively pray with your husband – even if those first few prayer sessions are a bit awkward!


2 thoughts on “Take Time to Pray

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