They Can’t Take That Away from Me

As I’m sitting here this morning with my cup of coffee my heart is overflowing with joy and peace. Not a bad start to a Tuesday. Many Tuesdays I’m up praying; trying to figure out what the Lord would have me write about, but I have not had any trouble this morning because I’ve known since Sunday afternoon what I wanted to share with you all this week.

Our house was buzzing with excitement Sunday morning as we prepared to head to church. My husband was getting baptized. After years of following the Lord and submitting his life to Christ, he was finally getting the opportunity to go through a baptism service. To make it even more exciting, it was also our weekend with his kids and knew it would be a big testament to them. My stepsons have only been in a Christian home for the last three and a half years and have only been regularly attending church for the last year and a half. There have been fights, struggles and threatening emails from the ex-wife but we have remained faithful to continue this path. The boys have wrestled with the fact that their dad isn’t the same man he was when he was married to their mom. They appreciate that he is more graceful and centered, but at the same time they miss the days when they really had very little rules about the content of the televisions shows or video games. Needless to say it has been a confusing journey for them – especially since their mom’s house is not centered in the faith.  My heart aches for them as I can’t imagine what it must be like to go from a house where they have more freedom than they know what to do with and then go to a house where the boundaries a clearly set. But, I digress, let’s get back to Sunday.

There we were at the YMCA after church, a room full of witnesses, some water and a preacher. The boys watched as their father gave his life to Christ – my oldest SS was so proud. He was taking a video. My youngest SS was engaged but you could tell all day he had something on his mind.  After the service, everyone was busy talking and I overheard a man, whom I did not know, speaking to my youngest SS. He was encouraging him to get baptized. Momma hen came out in me and I quickly walked over to see who was pressuring my son, but as I approached him I realized something was changing in him and this man was encouraging him not pressuring him. I looked my son in the eyes and asked if this was something he truly wanted to do. His 13 year old voice shook with tears in his eyes as he said, “well..i..don’t have any dry clothes.” I smiled and put my hand on his shoulders and said, “We can get you clothes, are you sure you are ready to do this?” He was quiet and he said, “Yes, I think I am.” I honestly could not believe what I was hearing. I took him to our preacher, ran to get his father, and the rest goes down in Carson family history.

I write this this morning to share my proud stepmomma’s heart but also to encourage you. For all the moments of heartache as a stepparent, no one can take away these monumental life changing events that you are a part of. My son’s BM has already started throwing threats that my husband had no right legally to let him get baptized without her consent and she has yelled at my SS for his decision. I could get caught up in that drama, but I choose to look at my creator and say thank you. My SS whom I love dearly has chosen to be saved. I feel like I gained a son this weekend. I was the one who got to look into his eyes and help him take that step of faith and no one can take that moment away from me. The Lord put me in that place – what an honor.

Ladies, I encourage you to always look and see that God is good despite circumstances and He is putting you in a place of influence in your SKs lives. Pray diligently for them and He will hear your prayers. Stand firm with your husband and your marriage will blossom. Remember John 5:19, “Jesus gave them this answer: ‘I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.'” 

Pastor B, Tristan and Jason

Pastor B, Tristan and Jason


Jason, Tristan and Pastor Brian


One thought on “They Can’t Take That Away from Me

  1. What a great post. It brought tears to my eyes. I prayerfully look forward to when my step sons (7 and 8 years old) will be baptiZed!

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