Psalm 68:6

Last Sunday morning, at the beginning of our church service, our pastor read the first eight verses from Psalm 68. In the midst of these verses about the strength of the Lord and his victory in battles, there was one verse that stuck out to me and reminded me just how sweet the promises are from the Lord. The verse that caught the attention of my heart was nestled in the first line of verse 6, “God sets the solitary in families…” I immediately thought of the family He has placed me in. Before my husband and stepsons, I was just a single girl longing to be part of a unit I could call my own. Now here I am almost 5 years later since my husband and I had our first date. In the last five years, I have felt almost every emotion possible – fear, excitement, love, anger, euphoric joy, bitterness, blessing, frustration and the list goes on and on. In the beginning everything is new, the kids were so young and over time the new wears off and life sets in and it is so easy to only see the trying times.

As I began meditating on this verse, I couldn’t help but have this wonderful feeling that I am indeed in a family all my own despite the fact that it is also shared. I can say without a doubt that I belong somewhere. As I fell asleep last night, I was thinking about how much joy my stepsons bring into my life. On this site, I am usually focused on what the Lord is teaching me through my trials and struggles as a stepmom that I don’t take the time to write about the blessing of my stepsons and the family the Lord has graciously placed me in. Both of our boys are so passionate about their endeavors. Our youngest is in 8th grade making A’s and participating in every sport possible as well as taking Algebra I and a member of ModelUN. Our oldest is in his second year of high school making great grades, turning in his homework (this has been a joint effort on everyone’s part) and plays the bass drum in one of the most prestigious marching bands in Middle TN – they just took 7th in a national competition this weekend!!  He also plays the piano, guitar, saxophone, snare drum…and the kazoo! 😉

And to top it off, they are just great kids. I hear so many stories of stepmoms whose stepchildren ignore them or say mean and disrespectful things to them, but I am so blessed that both my husband and the boys’ mom have raised their children to understand that family extends beyond a blood relation. I think it is important to celebrate things like that and to say thank you.  My stepsons give me a hug and a hello every time they see me, they ask if I’ve had a bad day if I’m not myself, and they both always give me an unsolicited hug goodnight when they are with us. And they always say, “Love you, Misty” and sometimes if the mood strikes them they introduce me as “stepmomma” which just tickles me to death. They take time to play games with me – be it board games (which I am pretty sure I’m the only one in the house who still enjoys) or a mean racquetball game at the rec center (still sore from trying to keep up last weekend)!

It is so easy to get caught up in the stresses and every day activities that I forget to say thank you to the Lord for such a great relationship with my stepkids. I have never birthed a child, but because these boys have been so loving and open from day one, I have gotten a glimpse of the kind of love a momma’s heart can hold. Stepmoms, I urge you to look for those moments – no matter how brief or how small they may be – and say thank you for them. The Lord has placed you in the family you are in for a unique purpose. Embrace it.



Our favorite Panther wrestler there in Maroon!

See the big bass drum - that's our favorite Marching Patriot!!

See the big bass drum – that’s our favorite Marching Patriot!!


6 thoughts on “Psalm 68:6

  1. I just love reading your posts. I have a hard time finding “Healthy blended families with Christian values.” It’s nice to receive encouragment and to walk along another step-momma. Thanks,

    Mom of 7. ( Blended)

  2. Oh yes, thank you for sharing! Sometimes as a blended family in the Christian world we seem to be viewed as ‘less-than.’ But my experience is that we are the most unnatural demonstration of how grace and love can exist in almost any circumstance. Keep sharing and I’m glad you are able to find those positive points on which to focus today!

  3. Hi Misty! I’m lucky to have found your blog, but my boyfriend (an every-other-weekend dad to a 12 year old girl) can’t find anything similar for himself. He’s desperately looking for some advice on parenting part time and how to build different types of relationships with her and I. I’m hoping you know of something?

  4. Thank you for your posts. I too was a single girl that married into my family of four children. I have a terrible relationship with the BM (not sure why but she strongly dislikes me) but am tired of reading all the negative stuff. It just feeds my anger. This was a breathe of fresh air. Thank you.

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